Aspiranti Egoisti is a veiled reflection of our world, where the shortest way to coexistence is represented by the equality where differences become uncomfortable and compliance reassuring.
Create replicas of themselves, in life and in dance, in the continuous search of the ego in the other.
Seven dancers tell with their bodies the selfishness of the human being and the continues claim to be able to mirror in the other and find themselves.
There are overlapping moments when the individual is to prevail and others in which the collective exhibition withenergy its strength.
The show therefore becomes a continuous overlapping of dimensions and emotions in conflict with each other, to invade the viewer almost violently. The message becomes strong but the interpretation remains free. Not tells a story but we want to express concept, made of bodies, lights, of heart and of road: the language used is that of urban dance, the royal city of the world where you live in this very moment.
It’s the spoken language, and goes straight to the heart.